I designed a technical writing course that focuses on teaching students from STEM fields to recognize and respond to the varying rhetorical situations one might encounter in a technical workplace. Students compose job materials, technical descriptions/procedures, and reports which they then repurpose and redesign in various multimodal formats to meet the needs and expectations of various audiences with various accessibility concerns. Special attention is given to user experience and usability testing. Emphasis is given on writing for clarity, conciseness, and accuracy

Sample Syllabus

Sample Technical Description Assignment Sheet

Sample Usability Report Assignment Sheet

Technical Writing


Business Writing


I have designed and taught business writing courses centered on rhetorical situations and theoretical concepts central to professional writing (e.g. genre, ethics, accessibility, user-centered design, collaborative writing, various digital technologies). I developed course content for two separate focuses: 1) rhetorical exigencies typical of entrepreneurship and 2) identifying and responding to problems and emergencies in professional settings. In both approaches to the course, students perform extensive research in their own fields of study and expertise and are taught various professional genres such as job documents, white papers, recommendation reports, internal memos, various professional communication mediums, and a series of marketing/PR mediums.

Sample Syllabus

Sample Recommendation Report Assignment Sheet

I have developed syllabi for three different approaches to FYC focused on: 1) exploring how our composition processes and mediums at once document and construct reality, 2) understanding and analyzing the rhetorical nature of physical spaces, and 3) learning and applying various methods, modes and mediums of argumentation to a variety of rhetorical purposes. With all three approaches I emphasize helping students recognize the composition habits and skills they are developing and the ways in which those skills can and will transfer beneficially to future writing experiences both within the university and after they graduate. 

Sample Syllabus

Freshman English


History of Rhetoric

I have developed a history of rhetoric course focusing primarily on the Western rhetorical tradition. This course focuses on primary texts, inviting students to critically engage with rhetorical theories and ideas throughout Western history. The overarching course goal is to help students better understand the complicated nature of the question, “What is rhetoric?” Much of the work students complete in this course is aimed at helping them to develop personal answers to this question, specifically in the context of their own lives.

Sample Syllabus