I have a complicated relationship with course evaluations. Decades of research shows that there exist strong biases in course evaluations on lines of gender, race and other identity markers. As such, I recognize that my evaluations are likely colored as much by my teaching abilities as by the fact that I am a tall, white male. That said, I make it clear to my students that I am invested in learning from their experiences, perceptions, and opinions about my courses and adjusting my pedagogy accordingly as I continually rework and revise my teaching efforts. I emphasize that one way in which they help me to improve is through providing candid feedback on both midterm and end of term course evaluations. So while these evaluations do not represent definitive evidence of my effectiveness as a teacher, I personally find some value in them.

"The class was very enjoyable. Sam's enthusiasm for the class overflowed to the rest of the class, and he generated an open environment that promoted discourse."

"Prof. Dunn has been one my favorite professors in my college career. He brings energy, enthusiasm, and a knack for instructing. I can tell he loves his job, and comes prepared."

"Mr. Samuel J Dunn is one of those instructors I will never forget. Unlike many of the bull[****] english [sic] instructors I come across, Sam makes it worth going to class. I think because he is closer to our age and like us is a student .... well that makes a difference. We can relate to him and he can relate to us. Everything went hand in hand and looking at it from a long term window, I really learned a lot this semester. Not only did I learn about the fundamentals of professional writing, but I learned a lot about myself."

"I think the instructor did a very good job getting the class to actively participate. Instead of just telling us something, he made us first discuss it as a class and see what we had to say."

"Full of energy and actually wakes me up in the morning even though I am not a morning person. Learned quite a few writing skills that will definitely help later."

"I like how you keep everything interactive and discussion based. You have actually made an English class interesting and inspired me to pay attention."

Technical Writing

English 421

"Sam is a great teacher who is always enthusiastic and excited about what he does. I love the way he treats us, the students, as equal participants in the class and how we regularly have the chance to give input to shape the way he teaches the course."

"He is incredibly invested in our class. It is apparent that he cares about our class and wants us to succeed. He is also really good at playing Devil's Advocate and challenging us to think outside the box, as well as critically and logically about questions or problems we have. He also does this thing where he makes us answer our own questions, to the point where it is almost annoying. But at the same time I really appreciate that he does that because it gets us to think for ourselves and draw our own conclusions and think for ourselves; I think this is not emphasized enough in courses."

"It was a great course with great materials and a great teacher. I really got a lot information form the class."

"Overall I learned a lot in the class. I learned a lot of things which I have [sic] no idea existed like the White Paper. I also got to practice a lot with the software Photoshop and Indesign, which I believe will help me in many ways down the road. After this class, I also have a pretty solid resume and cover letter, and I know how to make them even better after getting them graded. With the white paper and the marketing proposal, I also got to learn a ton of information from the two companies that I will likely try to apply for in the future. All in all, I enjoyed the class a lot, as I always treated ENGL420 more like a professional workshop that crafted our workplace writing skills/marketing techniques rather than just an English class."

Business Writing

English 420

"I like that the majority of class is spent having discussions. Instead of giving a powerpoint presentation of notes, Sam does a good job of engaging the students into the lecture. It makes the class more enjoyable because we are able to adjust the lectures to our learning and our specific needs as a class."

"He understands the material and keeps everything very relevant to students. He is very enthusiastic about teaching this course and you can feel his passion."

"He makes class very interesting and fun to participate in. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and I feel as though I gained alot of useful knowledge. I would highly recommend Samuel Dunn to any of my friends or fellow students who are taking ENGL 106 next semester."

"The professor does a good job at understanding where peoples [sic] ideas come from, and figuring out a way to put it into words most the class understands."

"Sam takes time in his conferences to know students intentionally and he also is very helpful. The freedom he gives us in class to express ourselves is my favorite part."

Freshman English

English 106