In addition to teaching and researching, I have also worked as a professional and technical writer in academic and industry settings in both freelance and official employee capacities. (An overview of this work can be found in my curriculum vita.) 

Currently I work with the Center for Science of Information as a technical writer and editor. This Center is an NSF-sponsored Science and Technology Center (STC) that brings together researchers from the fields of statistics, chemical, electrical and computer engineering, biology, computer science, mathematics and communications, and works on projects investigating aspects of temporal, spatial, structural and contextual information. The main document I work with is a 300+ page annual report required by the NSF. For this report I edit and compile the research reports of the primary researchers activities over the previous funding period. Additionally, through my position with the center I have participated in an NSF Professional Development conference where I advised graduate students and postdocs from STCs around the country on grant writing strategies, I have developed web copy for the Center website, and I have helped the Center's management team develop a proposal for post-NSF funding plans in order to ensure the Center's continued longevity as a leader in the field of information science. This work has allowed me to gain immediate experience with various forms of writing in several STEM disciplines, develop an aptitude for facilitating and smoothing collaborative research communication, and produce professional documents with diverse stakeholders in high stakes situations.

 Photo credit:  Mike Atwell

Photo credit: Mike Atwell